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October 31, 2012

Keene students offer third-party forum


“People can be exposed to a nice variety of ideas,” Hurlburt said.


Mr. Balzak said he got this idea because his son has always shown an interest in politics — getting that from his parents— and has a strong concern for the environment and the future of the planet, as well as what his generation is going to have to overcome once they reach adulthood.

“We’ve been having a lot of discussions at home about that (Sam’s concerns) and the political systems and the presidential race this year and some other things, and so that was one of the sparks for this idea,” he said.

Sam Balzak said he thinks the research is providing a great opportunity for students to learn about alternative parties.

“I definitely would like the audience to know about these third parties. And it’s a great chance for me to take a stance of another party.”

He is doing his class research on the Green Party, which is good for him, he said, because he is an active environmentalist.

“The third parties are interesting because they’re non-mainstream,” he said.

Hurlburt said the event will shy away from debates, but rather have its primary focus on awareness and educating the audience of what each party represents. In order to spread awareness, his government-class students will present a Power Point with the information they have found.


“At first, I thought it was going to be a boring school project, but I’m representing a party that stands for things that I don’t,” KCS student Athena Pepe said.

She has been assigned the Constitution Party, which she said is anti-abortion, anti-gun, anti-gay marriage and pro-school prayer. This party is strictly based on constitutional rights and is religiously oriented, and it doesn’t elaborate into present issues, which she said she disagrees with.

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