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October 12, 2012

Bear cub remains in City of Plattsburgh

Police say to leave it alone in hopes it will return to wild


Mid morning, the animal was making its way in the direction of Rugar Woods, said Chris Hilchey, dispatcher for City Police.

Once there, police thought, the cub would return to its own environment.

But the bear had other ideas. Throughout the day, it popped up at different points in the city. As of Thursday evening, police had cordoned off the area where it had last been spotted, in hopes of protecting it from too much attention from the curious.

DEC spokesman David Winchell was not available on Thursday, and no one else was authorized to speak to the media about what, if anything, would be done about the bear.

It appeared the cub could really cover ground. A person saw a young bear on Wednesday morning in the woods near the main campus of Champlain Valley Educational Services, located on the Military Turnpike in the Town of Plattsburgh.

Alerted to the sighting, the school conducted a lock-in of its students, and CVES officials went looking for the bear, said Jeff Sisson, CVES health, safety and risk management specialist. 

He said there was no sign of the cub, so the lock-in was lifted. 


Rosemary Maglienti, a licensed wildlife rehabilitator who lives in Plattsburgh, said bears do move about quite a lot.

“It’s likely it’s just a wandering young one that became detached (from its mother),” she said, noting cubs don’t leave the nest until about 18 months of age. 

Because this bear was minding its own business, not approaching humans, Maglienti didn’t think it would bother anyone unless it were cornered.

But the mother could be somewhere close by, she said, and perhaps even another cub.

“They do come in twos,” she said.

Maglienti’s advice was for people to make sure they didn’t leave anything out that might attract the bear, including birdseed.

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