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March 17, 2013

Champlain Village tax rate, services, debts detailed

CHAMPLAIN — The Village of Champlain has been under scrutiny in light of the impending vote on dissolution Tuesday.

Voters go to the polls Tuesday to choose “yes” or “no” on ending village government and having the Town of Champlain take over.

A “yes” majority means the village would begin working on a plan for dissolution. Villagers would have one more chance to halt the process, if enough sign a petition to trigger another public referendum.

If dissolution is shot down then, it can’t be brought up again for four years.

Kevin Triller, who forced Tuesday’s vote through that same permissive referendum process, has said village government is redundant and provides very few services to residents.

Mayor Greg Martin disagrees.

Here is a look at what it costs to run the village and what tax dollars support.


The Village of Champlain employs six full-timers and between three and four part-timers (the recreation leader and, for elections, election inspectors).

Also on the payroll are the mayor and four members of the Village Board as well as the buildings/zoning/code enforcement officer that the village contracts with the Town of Champlain.

The village also has an attorney on retainer.


The 2013 to 2014 property tax rate is $3.88 per $1,000 of assessed property value. That’s a 32 cent decrease from last year’s $4.20 per $1,000.

For the four years before that, the rate fluctuated between $4.26 and $4.44.

That tax levy goes into the village’s general fund, which pays for a variety of services provided to residents, Martin said.

“With the 2 percent tax cap that was imposed upon us, less than 1 percent of all these (state) taxing entities were able to lower their tax rate last year,” Martin said.


Other than a wastewater and separate water-fund loan, the village has no debts, Martin said.

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