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March 24, 2012

Tupper leaders denounce lawsuit

â Green group says it is trying to 'kill' Adirondack Club and Resort development

TUPPER LAKE — Business and local leaders spoke out Friday in response to litigation aimed at staunching development of the Adirondack Club and Resort.

A lawsuit filed earlier this week claims the Adirondack Park Agency violated APA Act rules in granting permits for the project.

A joint statement from town officials, Adirondack Residents Intent on Saving their Economy (ARISE) and the Tupper Lake Chamber of Commerce slammed preservation groups — Protect the Adirondacks and the Sierra Club — the attorneys and three landowners who brought the case.

"The people involved represent the radical side of the environmental movement. Former APA Director Robert Glennon should be ashamed of himself for participating in a frivolous suit," Tupper Lake Mayor Paul Maroun said in the statement.

ARISE Chairman Jim LaValley said the lawsuit shows "arrogance."

"This has nothing to do with environmental protection and everything to do with them raising money. They also hope to kill the project and the future hopes for Tupper Lake by creating further delays and running the investors costs up higher." &subhead;'DOES NOT COMPLY'

Protect attorney John Caffry, who wrote the 29-item challenge, admitted Friday that they are trying to kill the project.

"We're challenging the approval of the project as it stands. Yes, we would like to kill it. This project does not comply with the APA Act. Some of the lawsuit is about the process, but the whole set of arguments about (use of) Resource Management Lands is about the merits. We've never hid that we were opposed to this project as it is currently proposed.

"We tried to negotiate with Mr. (Michael) Foxman, and it went nowhere. We tried to get him to modify the project, and all he removed were the 'crash panels,' things (aspects of development) that were going to be removed anyway."

Mark Moeller, a Tupper Lake businessman, said that, after eight years of review and a 10-1 vote by APA, the community is appalled.

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