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August 16, 2013

Students at Theater Camp to present 'Dr. Evil'

CHATEAUGAY — During the summer, it’s common to hear about a neighbor or friend’s child going away to camp. 

Oftentimes a trip to camp involves being in the wilderness but, for Megan Nemier and Alex Lamica, camp has a different definition. The camp they run doesn’t center around a lake, dirt or fresh air, and the only thing that remotely resembles a tree is the hardwood stage.

Director and producer Megan Nemier, who established the Chateaugay Theater Camp, said she feels the program is good for younger children and teens who want to try acting.

“It gets them together, which produces stage chemistry,” Nemier said. “It helps with their acting skills. It’s just like anything else, sports or music, anything you do you have to practice, including acting. It gets them together to practice, and the more they practice acting skills, (then) the better they become at it.”

The camp, which is in its fifth year, was designed to get children from Chateaugay and its surrounding areas interested in theater. Students spend their time working on skills such as improvisation, stage combat, accents, musical theater and monologues. 

Once the two-week camp, which ran from June 24 to July 5, is over, all of the students perform a play at the end of the summer. This year’s two-act play is being held tonight and Saturday night at 7 at the Chateaugay Town Hall Theatre. The group will be performing “Dr. Evil and the Basket of Kittens” by Brian D. Taylor. The play is a dark but funny farce that highlights the eternal battle of pure evil against innocent and fuzzy goodness.

“Every year, what I do is I look at the number of kids I have, the genders I have and then the age,” she said. “I have a great company called Pioneer Drama that I go to. I have a catalog, and I just kind of match who I have with what plays are available. This was a new play this year, and I thought it sounded really funny, and I thought the kids would respond to it.”

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