November 16, 2012

Peru Free Library fields another green initiative


---- — PERU — It was an alignment of green thumbs.

Rebecca Pace, librarian at the Peru Free Library, was open to the idea of a vegetable garden.

Richard “Rich” Tarabula, a den leader of Peru Cub Scouts Pack 49, wanted to establish a community garden.

“I love to garden,” he said. “We moved here in 2010. My wife and I picked up shop from Buffalo for a cleaner, healthier life.”

Tarabula and a friend were in the library when Pace mentioned that the national library theme for summer 2013 is “Dig into Reading.”

“Becky is a gardener. She said, ‘I have all this space. I would love a vegetable garden, and how can we do this?’”

Pace suggested he go before the Library Board of Trustees with a proposal.

“So, I made a proposal to the Library Board,” he said. “There was no opposition from the community, and we went on from there.”


The garden is solely dependent on volunteers for its maintenance. This is another green initiative for the library, which is solar powered.

“The garden volunteers will fund everything. Community businesses have come together and donated a lot of stuff. Rulf’s Orchards donated quite a few yards of garden soil for us and any or all the seeds we need for the coming year.”

The garden will receive an organic boost from manure from Butternut Ridge Farm in Peru.

The Garden Club, comprised of Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, meets at the library on weekends.

“By next year, we will plant a vegetable garden,” Tarabula said. “Vegetables will be available to any of our patrons, and we want to present a good portion to the Soup Kitchen at St. Augustine’s (Parish). They will have a flow of vegetables all summer for their Soup Kitchen.

“Our ultimate goal is to have the town develop a true community garden down in one of Peru’s main parks or somewhere.

“It’s a seed we planted.”

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