April 5, 2012

Clinton County Property Transfers: March 22 to 30, 2012


PLATTSBURGH — Here’s a list of land transactions in Clinton County March 22 through 30, 2012. The buyer, the seller, the community where the property is located and the sale price (listed in that order) were culled from documents in the Clinton County Clerk’s Office:

To Lawrence W. Mills and Deborah H. Mills from Ty Kretser and Amy Kretser, fka Amy Jordan, City of Plattsburgh, $155,000.

To Francis Taitt Sr. and Francis Taitt Jr., as joint tenants with right of survivorship and not as tenants in common, from Edward D. Clausen Sr. and Linda D. Clausen, as tenants by the entirety, Chazy, $6,000.

To Robin Burnell from Daniel Eggleston, Mary Laura Barber and Barbara Malloy, Dannemora, zero dollars.

To Cadyville PO LLC from Pratessco Associates LLC, Town of Plattsburgh, $130,000.

To Cynthia M. Roberts from Cynthia M. Roberts, executrix of the Estate of Mary E. Fournier, who died intestate on March 6, 2009, Black Brook, $120,000.

To Homegoods, Inc. from Plattcon, LLC, Town of Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Matthew S. Barrett from Matthew Barrett and Katelyn D. Jerry, City of Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Matthew R. Bergin and Lisa A. Bergin from Daniel W. Mannix and Mika Mannix, Town of Plattsburgh, $210,000.

To Marjorie M. Bouyea from Robin J. Bouyea, City of Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Yolanda Padron from Mitchell P. Juneau, Champlain, zero dollars.

To Erich C. Pflanz and Amy D. Pflanz from Erich Pflanz, aka Erich C. Pflanz, Saranac, zero dollars.

To Bechard Enterprises, LLC, from Roswell Beeman, Champlain, zero dollars.

To David D. Walker from Willard R. Walker and Doris E. Walker, Mooers, zero dollars.

To Nelson M. Carl from Beverly A. Carl, Beekmantown, zero dollars.

To John M. Tryon from Edward M. Landry and Anne C. Landry, Clinton, zero dollars.

To Duane E. Hartson from Duane E. Hartson and Tina M. Hartson, Peru, zero dollars.

To Robin C. Bechard and Stephanie L. Bechard, as tenants by the entirety, from David N. Favro and Lori A. Favro, City of Plattsburgh, $270,000.

To Andrew Alan Dumas and Penny Dumas, as tenants by the entirety, from Andrew Alan Dumas and Penny Dumas, Beekmantown, zero dollars.

To Richard A. Provost and Trasa J. Provost, as tenants by the entirety, from Daniel Eggleston and Mary Laura Barber, Dannemora, $100,000.

To John E. Gokey and Jean F. Gokey, as tenants by the entirety, from Peter A. Karl III for Paravati, Karl, Green & DeBella, LLP as IRC 1031 Exchange Accommodation Titleholder (Gokey), Ellenburg, zero dollars.

To Todd J. Comer and Melissa A. Comer, as tenants by the entirety, from Stephen Guay, Town of Plattsburgh, $156,500.

To Charles Teich from Robert W. Harmon and Ann S. Harmon, Saranac, $39,900.

To People of the State of New York from Chase Bank USA, N.A., Bank of America, N.A., Altona, zero dollars.

To People of the State of New York from CACV of Colorado, LLC, Altona, zero dollars.

To William H. Kissel and Gail E. Kissel, as tenants by the entirety with the right of survivorship, from William H.Kissel, Black Brook, zero dollars.

To Ryan D. Ratliff from Amanda G. Ratliff, Saranac, zero dollars.

To Amaya Davies, LLC, from William L. Symington, City of Plattsburgh, $195,000.

To Christopher P. Lovett from Michael Young and Charlotte S. Young, fka Charlotte Sands, Beekmantown, $102,000.